Monday, August 12, 2013

Advocare 24 day challenge: days 8-10

Hey y'all! Sooo sorry for the delay on this. Not even sure how the time got away from me, but it did. I finished the cleanse portion of the challenge (first 10 days) and am on to the MNS portion or MAX phase. And guess what? I'm half way through! Yay!

As I did with the previous days, here's a quick Product Overview and my meals plans for days 8-10.

Advocare Product Schedule: Days 8-10.
Upon rising: probiotic restore with 8oz of water, and Spark
Pre-breakfast: fiber drink with 8oz of water
Breakfast: high protein with 2 OmegaPlex and 8oz of water
Mid-morning: snack with 8oz of water
Lunch: veggies/fruits with lean protein and complex carbs and 8oz of water
Mid-afternoon: Spark, snack and 8oz of water
Dinner: lean protein and veggies with 2 OmegaPlex

Day 8: Meal Plan.
Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit
Mid-morning: hand-full of almond and prunes
Lunch: zesty tuna I mentioned previously on 2 cups of salad with a 1/3 cup of quinoa
Mid-afternoon: rice cake with almond butter
Dinner: rice cake with almond butter

Day 9: Meal Plan.
Breakfast: egg white omelet with sautéed mushrooms and onions and fresh spinach, with salsa
Mid-morning: hand-full of almonds and prunes
Lunch: salad with leftover chicken
Mid-afternoon: hand-full of almonds and prunes
Dinner: crockpot fajitas over quinoa

Day 10: Meal Plan.
Breakfast: banana pancakes (recipe)
Mid-morning: handful of almonds
Lunch: salad with leftover fajita chicken
Mid-afternoon: handful of almonds
Dinner: salad at Chipotle...sigh....I total caved, and instantly felt bad about it



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