Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Jacob was a golfer this year, complete with the Payne Stewart vest, shorts and stockings. I bought the costume a month or so ago, and he totally outgrew it!! (I don't know why that surprises me?!?!) So I had to cut the feet out of the leggings and he couldn't wear the shoe covers. He looks crazy-cute anyways.

We started the day with a fun play date at the park with our Baby Buddies. Jacob wouldn't even stop playing to eat lunch! Crazy kid! All our friends were dressed up, too. Such a fun trip, and actually the 2nd Annual Halloween Lunch for our Baby Buddies.

We decided to take Jacob out for a little trick-or-treating, and I'd say it was SUCCESS! We met up with two of our neighbors who each have 4-year olds. They were seasoned trick-or-treaters, so poor Jacob was struggling to keep up. But he had a blast! It was so cute watching him run behind them from house to house. He would run up to the houses and knock and even tried going IN a few houses! Yikes! Haha!

We only out for 30 minutes or so, Jacob was whipped! But it was a blast! I can't wait until next year, he's totally going to be into it.

And with every holiday, I have to do a little year to year comparison. When will this stop completely blowing my mind?! How on earth do they grow so fast?!

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