Monday, July 1, 2013

How on Earth is it July? ...and a weekend recap

I'll say it again...HOW ON EARTH IS IT ALREADY JULY??? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating J-bird's birthday. Time is literally flying by. I feel old.

July is hands-down my favorite month of the year. Not only is it the heart of summer and everything good (I am obsessed with fun in the sun and all that comes with summer, except the 100 degree temps), but my birthday is in July and our wedding anniversary. Too much fun packed into the month. Before we set our wedding date, I made my husband promise me that we'd never combine my birthday and our anniversary celebrations and we'd always celebrate them separately. And every year he jokes that one present is sufficient. Well, its not. Ha!

Anywayss....We had a super fun weekend. Friday we made yummy homemade pizza and I officially stopped breastfeeding (more on that in a separate post). You know what that means- pass the vino! I was an emotional train wreck, so wine was definitely on the menu Friday evening.

Saturday we spent the day around the house, and had a little family grill out that night. My sister and future-brother-in-law came over, and we made hotdogs, ribs, beans, grilled cucumber (you read that right- cucumber. and it was delicious), and brownie-a-la-modes for dessert. Such a fun day! I even got a little nap in while floating in the pool. Perfect way to get some sun and rest! You might remember my awesome solution for our pool dilemma, or should I say lack of pool dilemma.

This picture is from awhile back, but you get the idea...

Sunday we went for a family run in the morning, during which time my phone freakin' broke. Arg! I spent 2 hours at the Apple store, only for them to tell me that they can't fix it and my phone isn't under warranty anymore so they can't replace it either. Doube arg!!

I made a delicious pot of spaghetti and meatballs Sunday night. I used this Paula Deen recipe y'all (I have to say y'all every time I mention Paula Deen, which has been quite frequent as of late) and it was the best spaghetti + meatballs I've ever had! Josh agreed, which really means something. I'll never make any other spaghetti recipe again. It was that good. I took Paula's tips at the bottom, and made the meatballs the day before and removed some onions about half-way through the cooking process. Delish.

This week is a 4-day week- holler! And its one of the best weeks of the year- the week of FOURTH OF JULY! It's my all-time favorite holiday and we plan to have a BLAST this year. Literally. I plan to make these bombpop champagne cocktails, which were the genius idea of Jessica over at Little Baby GarvinSo festive and fun! 

Little Baby Garvin

I start Camp Gladiator tomorrow evening, so be ready for a rant post Wednesday morning about how sore and pathetic I am. Ha.

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