Thursday, July 11, 2013

My 29th birthday

Sooo...I turned 29 yesterday. Wahhh!! I only have 365 days in my 20s!! What the hell am I gonna do?! I tell you what- savor it.

 Josh took the day off from work, which pretty much made my day. He didn't have to do anything else and I would've been happy just to have him home. But, being the amazing husband that is he, he did so much more. It was seriously the perfect day!

On Tuesday night, he surprised me with two dozen roses- one from him and one from Jacob. Each with a special little note from each of them. So cute! And he told me that he took the day off and will be home all day! Score!

Sooo...on my actual birthday, we started the day with some delicious pancakes made with love from my awesome husband. He did a good job, wish I would've taken a picture!

He surprised me with an updated chalkboard, too. Haha! He gets an E for effort, for sure.

My sister took me to Seasons 52 for lunch. If you haven't been there, you should seriously go. All the entrees are under 475 calories, the main menu changes seasonally, and there's a weekly menu that changes weekly (duh) too! And they have a superb wine list. It was seriously so delicious!

Jacob went down for his afternoon nap shortly after I got home, and so did mama. We both slept for 2 hours- YAY!! When we woke up, we went to Target for me to pick out my birthday present. Josh had told me that he wanted to get me an iHome (which I've been wanting forever), but he didn't know which one I wanted, so I got to pick it out. I ended up getting this Bose dock for the sound quality. I love it and can see a LOT of dance parties in our future.

After Target, we went to my favorite restaurant, Mi Cocina. I had two mambo taxis (uh oh) and we all really enjoyed ourselves! Jacob loves that place. After we were done with dinner, we let Jacob run around outside by the fountain. He loves chasing the ducks. Hehe.

Mr Mean Mug. I swear he was happy!

When we got home, we took the dogs on a quick walk, and then did bath/bed and Jacob went down for the night. Then we just chilled and I went to bed early. I'm 29 after all, gotta get my beauty sleep!
Overall it was the perfect day, and great little break in the week! My parents are coming up this weekend to celebrate, and we get to go on a date night! Double score! I can't wait!
Onto the next year of my life...hopefully its a good one! :)

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