Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The calendar

At work they always send out a calendar document for the upcoming month, so employees can print it out & see what events are coming up, holidays, employee birthdays, etc. So here comes the May calendar, staring me in the face, & all I can wonder is, “Which day will be Jacob’s?” While his due date is the 28th, baby’s miss their due dates all the time. He could be a few days early, or even go late into June possibly. It interests me that I’m looking at all these dates on the calendar as possibilities right now, but soon I’ll view one as different from all the rest. It will be the date my son was born, the date I entered parenthood for the rest of my life, the date Kate became a Mom, & the date we’ll celebrate him every year moving forward (hopefully the same story for one or two other kids too, if we’re lucky). We’re at 36 weeks today & the time is approaching quickly. We’ll be putting the finishing touches on the house & buying the last few items we need. We’ll have our overnight bags packed & ready to go for the hospital & we’ll of course keep praying for Jacob’s (& his momma’s) well-being. This May will be different & better than any other May I’ve experienced.

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