Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby brain ramblings

All of our friends that were due before us have delivered their babies, so we're officially next in line and I seriously cannot wrap my brain around it!  In 1 month, I will have a BABY BOY, I will be a MOMMY, Josh will be a DADDY, and the next chapter of our lives will officially BEGIN.  God has blessed me (us) with a smooth pregnancy, for which I'm so thankful - I just pray that it continues through my labor and delivery! :)

My mind doesn't shut off these days - whether I'm at work, home, in the car, trying to fall asleep - I'm constantly thinking about little Jacob and all the things I want to do before he gets here, to make his environment as peaceful as possible.  I have such an A-type, controlling personality, it's been really hard the last few weeks to just relax.  It was even hard for me to write "things I want to do" vs. "things I need to do", but I'm slowly starting to learn that no one is perfect, including me, and I can only physically do so much.  Josh has been such a HUGE help during this entire pregnancy - I really don't know what I'd do without him!

Anyways, we went to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm officially 1cm dilated.  My doctor said I could go into labor at any moment, so have your hospital bags packed and the carseat ready.  This, obviously, set me into a total frenzy...which Josh is still trying to recover from. :)  I immediately started a to-do list, which MUST get done this weekend:

- purchase all remaining necessities (breastpump, stroller, a few clothing items, diaper bag, etc.)
- assemble all items baby will use at the beginning (swing, pack n' play, etc.)
- finish nursery (storage system in closet, organize, etc.)
- wash all items baby will use at the beginning (bottles, breastpump, clothes, blankets, etc.)
- pack hospital bags for real (we "packed" them for our trip to Austin last weekend just in case, but now its for real)

...hopefully I'm not forgetting anything.  I probably am, which is the case 99% of the time these days. :)


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