Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Judson - 4 months

My sweet Judson, you are BY FAR the sweetest, happiest, loving, happy baby I've ever met. You are such a dream and I am so thankful for that! You sleep when you're "supposed" to sleep, you eat when you're "supposed" to eat and I cannot ask for anything more! You fit into our family perfectly and truly complete us. I love you sweet boy and thank God every single day for you.

Age: 4 months

Height: 25.8"

Weight: 15lbs 5oz

Milestones: Judd has rolled from back to belly and belly to back, although he doesn't do it consistently! He far prefers laying on his back under his playmat batting at all the toys or gnawing on his hands or Sophie's head. :) He is very drooly and constantly has his hands in his mouth! He can grasp toys better now and actually holds on for a few seconds. He has started sitting in his Bumbo more and really loves being able to see his big brother. He's still very wobbly sitting unassisted and usually just folds over flat. Ha! He's also started spending some time in his jumperoo! He loves the lights and the little sun on it, he'll just stand there and stare at the sun for minutes! So cute! We also moved Judd to the big boy seat on the Bob Duallie and he loves being able to see out, and especially loves being next to his big bro. I think Jacob likes it, too! Last "big" thing is that he's sitting in his highchair at the dinner table with us. Since he wakes up from his evening nap around 6pm, he's awake and happy to sit at the table with us. So cute!

Sleep: Judd takes 2 or 3 long naps (1.5-1.75 hours) and 1 short nap (30 minutes) everyday. We attempted 2 weeks of sleep training to drop his nighttime feed, but it didn't go well. Sooo he still eats at night, usually around 4:30-5. Our current schedule is here.

Eating: Judd is still exclusively breastfed. He eats 5 times every day, all are nursing sessions, except at bedtime, we give him a bottle of pumped breastmilk at bedtime (currently 6.5oz).

Clothes size: 3-6mo // 6 month 

Diaper size: size 2, although we've moved him to size 3 at night since he's sttn
Teeth: none

Favorite toy: he loves his Sophie

Likes: his brother, diaper/clothes changes, playing airplane, strawberries, silly faces, "elevator ride" with daddy, going outside, his dogs, and anything in his mouth!

Dislikes: when I eat dairy (ugh), being bored or staying in same spot for too long

Personality: Judd is soo happy and easy-going!!! Love him! He really is the perfect addition to our family!

Best moment: celebrating daddy's birthday, first Easter, sleeping through the night (!!!)

Worst moment: lip tie revision :(

Looking forward to: we've got a lot of fun stuff planned this month- Day Out With Thomas, cousin Autumn's FIRST birthday party, and possibly a trip to meet his namesake! I'm curious how he'll do at all these busy events.

How is Jacob adjusting?: better, I'm getting better at giving him attention and not saying "no" so much, I also notice a difference when we consistently uphold timeout threats

I should also note that we switched Judd to Nexium for his reflux this month. He was super fussy (for him) and not sleeping or eating good, so we took him to the pediatrician and she seemed to think it was his reflux. I have noticed an improvement in him, so I'm guessing she was right!

We also had Judd's lip tie revised this month. The procedure was very short and easy, but I was a wreck. BUT! Now that its behind us, I'm honestly so thankful we had it done. His latch has improved, his overall eating had improved, his SLEEP (!!) has improved, and I was afraid it would mess up his teeth in the future.



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