Thursday, April 16, 2015

How I BOOST my hair

Let me preface this by saying- I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I am a mom. And I do not have tons of time to do my hair. However, I've gotten a bunch of compliments lately on my hair, so I thought I'd share my haircare regime.

I should also note that I have very thin, fine, soft hair. It gets very stringy throughout the day and absorbs every ounce of oil, so by the end of the day I literally look like a mop. Not cute! Here's how I BOOST my locks.

Generally speaking, I am very low maintenance. I take my showers at night, every night, and I wash my hair every single night. Shampoo and conditioner. Then when I get out, I towel dry my hair and spray the Kenra volume spray in the roots. I usually wear my towel around to soak up as much water as possible and go to bed with damp hair. In the mornings, I spray the dry shampoo at the roots to make my hair feel a little more fresh, straighten it and go. It's so simple and easy. If I happen to shower during the day for something (like if we have a party or date night or something to go to), I will use the Big Sexy Hair powder play to boost it up a little more. I also use the CHI pliable polish on my fly-aways and at the tips to define my cut, but just a TINY bit.

1. Pureology Volume Shampoo - This shampoo protects your color and boosts your locks! I wet my hair really good, and lather it up right at the roots and then go down to the tips. I love this shampoo because it keeps my hair really bouncy and shiny. It's sulfate free and vegan, so there's nothing in it to weigh-down your hair.

2. Pureology Volume Conditioner - Again, sulfate free and vegan, so it's really lightweight. After I shampoo, I put a tiny amount in my hands and work it on the tips and then move up to the roots.

3. Kenra Volume Spray - This stuff is AWESOME! I spray it right at my roots on my crown and it seriously does work, even when I air dry my hair at night.

4. Kenra Dry Shampoo - LOVE LOVE LOVE this dry shampoo and it smells so good! Most dry shampoo makes my hair feel really sticky and gross. This actually makes my hair feel CLEAN and boosts it a bit.

5. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play - I really only use this when I plan on going out and need a little extra va-voom. I sprinkle it right on my roots and then tease it a bit.

6. CHI Pliable Polish - This is a really great, lightweight styling gel that I use to keep down fly-aways (especially with all my new hair growth post-baby) and define my curls when I curl my hair.

Do y'all have any other tips/tricks?! Would love to hear from you!

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