Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Schedule - toddler + 4 month old

Judd is still eating every 3 hours and has only extended his wake time by 15 minutes since the last time I posted our schedule, so not a whole lot has changed. Except for the fact that he's sleeping through the night now (YEA!), so he gets all his calories during the day. Because of that, I try extra hard to give him FULL feedings each and every time. That is also why we're still on a 3-hour feed schedule.

This schedule was provided by Moms on Call and we really love it! We'll probably stick with this until Judd starts solids in a month or so. 

4 month old schedule
7am: wake and nurse
7:30am: Jacob wakes up
8:15am: Judd goes down for nap (still swaddled)
I pump during this time, clean up, start laundry and try to do some activity with Jacob. 
10am: wake and nurse 
11:15am: Judd goes down for nap
Jacob and I eat lunch during this time, I switch over laundry and sometimes we go play in the backyard for a bit. 
1pm: wake and nurse 
1:30pm: Jacob goes down for nap
Judd and I get some one-on-one time during this time, which I LOVE!
2:15pm: Judd goes down for nap
This is the only quiet time I get all day, so I try to do something I like to do (catch up on shows, blog, Facebook, shower, etc. I actually just bought 21 Day Fix videos, so I'm excited to start those, too!
3-3:30pm: Jacob usually wakes up around this time, and we sit on the couch and eat a snack while watching Curious George
4pm: wake and nurse
4:30pm: dad gets home! party!
I've started to go for runs during this time, or we'll go for a walk as a family or play in the backyard.
5:30pm: Judd goes down for his last nap, and I start dinner
6pm: Judd wakes up just as we're sitting down to eat, this is also when he gets his medicine, so we usually just give it to him at the dinner table
7pm: Judd starts bathtime in the kitchen sink while Jacob is drinking a smoothie and watching Bubble Guppies in family room
7:15pm: Judd starts his bedtime bottle (6oz of breastmilk)
7:30pm: Jacob starts bath
7:45pm: Judd is down for the night
8pm: Jacob is down for the night

Josh and I divide and conquer at bedtime. I give Judd a bath. Josh gives him a bottle, while I start Jacob's bath. Once Judd is done with his bottle, Josh hands him off to me to nurse a bit and put him to bed. Josh then takes over Jacob's bath and puts him to bed.

Once the kids go to bed, Josh and I try to reconnect, talk about the day or anything important, we watch a show together and drink wine, then I pump and shower and we're usually in bed by 9:30pm.

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