Friday, December 6, 2013

Jacob's Christmas wish list

Hi all!! Now that the weather here in Texas is finally cold (like 30° with sleet...wowza!!), I can finally focus on Christmas!

Jacob is so much more fun to shop for this year, and its taking everything in me NOT to buy him every damn thing I find!

Josh and I are buying him 4 presents and Santa will be bringing him 1 large present. Our gifts will show up under the tree, wrapped, throughout the month, and Santa's gift won't arrive until Christmas morning (of course) and will be unwrapped. I'm hoping to continue this tradition in the future.

So, below are the items Jacob will be receiving...

ONE. Big Hugs Elmo. Honestly, this was kinda an impulse buy. Jacob watches Sesame Street daily and loves Elmo, and actually reached out and hugged this guy on a random Target trip a month ago. So I decided what the hell? It's cute and HUGE and Jacob actually picked it out! Hopefully he still likes it.

TWO. Ikea Play Tent. Jacob loooves crawling in things and "hiding", so I knew I wanted to get him a teepee or tent or something. And I love this option because it folds down and can be put away. We don't have room for something this big to be out 24/7!

THREE. Tonka Fire Engine. Y'all, Jacob is all boy. This kid loves everything that "goes", especially if it has lights and a siren. I cannot wait for him to open this, although I'm pretty sure the sirens will get old quick. Oh well!

FOUR. Ikea Play Tool Set. Jacob is also obsessed with doing whatever we do. He has a broom and loves "sweeping" with me, but I thought this would be a more manly approach to "doing what we do" instead of a vacuum or something.

FIVE. Ikea Play Kitchen and Gadgets. This is Santa's gift to Jacob. Like I said, he loooves doing what we do, and a lot of my friends with 18-month-olds to 2-year-olds say their kids LOVE their play kitchens, so this was a no-brainer for us. I didn't want another piece of plastic in our house though, so I originally started researching wooden play kitchen. Those suckers are expensive! No way I'm paying $250 on a play kitchen. Thankfully I found this awesome option! It's sleek and modern and cheap ($100!). Santa will also be giving him the pots/pans, baking set, cooking utensils and some play food. I'm hoping to give it a bit of a facelift before Christmas, too! (If I get around to that, I will definitely post a tutorial.)

For his stocking, he'll get a few new bath toys (replace the nasty ones he's been using for the last year and a half), socks, fruit/veggie melts, etc.

I also purchased a TON of new Christmas books for Jacob, which we're already reading over and over!

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