Friday, January 23, 2015

Postpartum Favorites

I feel like a seasoned vet this time around. Healing and dealing came pretty easy for me this time around, which I cannot say happened with Jacob! Here's a quick round-up of my favorite postpartum items.
postpartum favorites
Squirt Bottle  I know this is totally TMI, but you will absolutely L O V E  this thing at the hospital, and when you come home. I honestly used it for the first 3 months with Jacob. I didn't use it quite as long this time around, mostly because I didn't have time to keep refilling it.

Tucks Pads  Another TMI, but these really help cool and comfort your lady bits. I also had pretty bad hemorrhoids with Jacob and these were great!

Always Infinity Pads  I tried a TON of different pads and I think these are the best! They are thin so you don't feel like you're wearing a diaper, but really absorbent so you don't have to change them every few hours. You will have pretty heavy bleeding for at least 2 weeks, and it slowly tappers off. I'm still wearing panty liners daily.

NUK Overnight Nursing Pads  Another item I've shopped and tried. These are the best I found. They are really absorbent, soft, and they are NOT individually packaged (which is such a silly thing to think about, but it's a total pain in the butt to unwrap these, especially when you use 4/day)!

Mason Jar  I like to have a large plastic mason jar around with water at all times. I used to use my camelbak, but I think this is more convenient and you don't have to fill it up every 10 minutes.

Heating Pad  My back is constantly aching at the beginning, so a heating pad is really nice to have. I think it's from holding 10lbs. for long periods of time, my body just isn't used to it! I lay on this every night before bed.

Nursing Camis  I have said this over and over on all my "favorites" lists, but these really are the best! Super soft, easy to use and cheap! I purchased a few more because I really do wear these every single day.

Baby Feed App  I love this app. I used it the entire time I breastfed Jacob (over a year!) and am now using it with Judd. You can set it to alert you every 2 or 3 hours (or however long you want) and it reminds you what breast you ended on last feed, etc. It also has the capability to track diaper changes, naps, etc. I haven't really used those functions though, I tend to have more trouble remembering what time I last fed the baby vs. when he last napped.

Chapstick  This Advocare chapstick is hands down my favorite. It's yummy flavored, sticks around for awhile and doesn't tingle or sting (which I can't stand in winter).

Something I didn't include on this is a nursing bra. I still haven't found a nursing bra that I love. I bought this one this time around and it's just ok. I guess for the price, it's good, but I still wouldn't recommend it. It's hard to re-clasp, the center piece of fabric (between the breasts) sticks out awkwardly so you can see it through your shirts, it makes my boobs look pointy and it's kinda hard to pull it back up from under you boobs. The bra I bought with Jacob isn't available anymore, but it was another Gilligan O'Malley from Target. Something tells me I need to bite the bullet and go to Motherhood for a nice quality bra.

Anyways, there's my top postpartum favorites! Y'all have anything else you love??

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