Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From the trenches

I want to start a weekly-ish series called "From the trenches" to document this  c r a z y  time in our lives. I hear it time and time again that we'll eventually miss these days, and while I'd like to believe all those people, something tells me I won't. Ha!

I'm going to highlight some of the craziest/funniest/ridiculous things that happen around here because I think in 20 years, that's what I'll want to laugh about. 

So here we go.

From the trenches, this is a perfectly acceptable morning/breakfast. 

From the trenches, this is what we do when it's too cold to play outside. 

From the trenches, your husband sends you text pictures like this and you leap for joy! First bottle!

From the trenches, you wear your baby while sitting down because your arms and back hurt so bad from holding him allllll day. 

From the trenches, this is how we do dinner. Donald Duck is totally invited. (and mom and dad finished 20 minutes ago because we don't know how to eat at a normal pace)

From the trenches, it's perfectly normal to find us in our PJs swinging in the backyard in the middle of the afternoon. 

But look at that smile. 

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