Saturday, January 10, 2015

Judson - 1 month

Somehow we survived the last month and I can't help but marvel at how quickly it went! Some days were longer and harder than others, but it was definitely easier than the first month with Jacob!

Judd started Zantac for reflux at around 2.5 weeks and I haven't noticed as drastic of an improvement as I did with Jacob. Praying that he gets relief soon or that we can switch to Prevacid at his next appointment.

Judd's weekly appointments this first month were all messed up because he got sick at around 10 days old and then we went in at 2.5 weeks for his reflux, so his 2-week appointment was actually on Monday, 2 days before he was technically 4 weeks old, and his 1 month appointment isn't until he's 6 weeks. But oh well! 

Age: 1 month

Height: 22.6" (on Monday)

Weight: 10lbs. (on Monday)

Nicknames: Judd, JudderBug
Milestones: In terms of head control, he can hold his head up for a few seconds and move it side to side while being held upright, and can lift it a little bit off the floor during tummy time. Within the past few days I've noticed him batting for toys on his playmat and tracking things/people more. I can tell he recognizes my voice and will even move his head around to "look" for my voice. He's also starting to "coo" which is just the sweetest little thing, and I think we're real close to a smile!

Sleep: For the first 2 weeks, Judd co-slept with me because he just couldn't stand to be away from me. At about 2 weeks we moved him into the rock & play beside our bed, and that's where he is currently. At night he gives us a good 4 hour stretch at the beginning (~9:30-2) and then wakes to eat every 2-3 hours, so we're usually up 2x each night. During the day he sleeps best in my arms, but that obviously isn't doable when it's just me here. So I just started a schedule and have been putting him down for naps in the rock & play in our room, will update next month on how that's going since it's literally been 2 days. Overall though, Judd is a much more active and noisy sleeper compared to Jacob. Lots of grunting, whining and sometimes crying in his sleep, so we're getting used to distinguishing between real cries and sleep cries, but I'd have to say he's a better sleeper than Jacob too. 

Eating: He's eating every 2-3 hours during the day and anywhere from 2-4 hours at night. Seems like he just recently went through a growth spurt because he was eating every 1.5 hours there for 1-2 days. Exhausting for a breastfeeding mama!

Clothes size: moving into 0-3 month 

Diaper size: size 1
Teeth: none 

Favorite toy: I guess his playmat at this point? He also loves staring at all the pictures on our wall and the ceiling fan.

Likes: his mama!, diaper changes (unless he's too cold), nursing and bath time

Dislikes: being cold or being touched by cold hands, being put down when held, dirty diapers and when he has to burp

Personality: Kinda hard to tell at this point, but I definitely think he's gonna be my mama's boy.

Best moment: Judd had a big first month! Between Christmas and New Years, he's celebrated two months and two years already!

Worst moment: Around 1.5 weeks, Judd got his first cold. Big brother brought it home from school and infected little brother. Judd had a runny nose and congestion and it broke my heart! We had to do saline + suction several times a day to get all the mucus out and he was still pretty miserable. But he never spiked a fever and we never had to take him to the ER, although there was a night I was worried about his breathing and called our pediatrician after hours. I'm already so sick of flu/cold season, and looking forward to spring time and Judd getting his 2-month shots to help protect him!

Looking forward to: getting more sleep and starting to establish a routine/schedule, and spring time!

How is Jacob adjusting?: he's doing better than expected- he never gets mad at Judd, but I can tell he's acting out (throwing things, acting wild, dumping all his toys out) to get attention, which I really can't blame him. Josh and I try to make a point to sit and play with him when we're off baby duty.

A few more pictures from our photo shoot today...

Here's some random pictures from the first month...

first Christmas, someone had fun!

meeting cousin Autumn for the first time

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