Monday, January 19, 2015

Heart racing-ly cute valentines

See what I did there?? Is racing-ly even a word??

Since Jacob is in school this year and I have  z e r o  free time, I needed a cute and easy valentine idea for all his classmates. I also wanted to go with something that Jacob enjoys, because they are from him after all- right?? ;)

Look how cute these turned out! And let me tell you-  e a s y, e a s y, e a s y!!

valentine for boys

I threw together the printable in Photoshop real quick, printed them, cut them, glued them to construction paper, bought 84¢ Hot Wheels from Target, glued the cars to the paper and TA DA! So simple.

you make my heart race
The hardest part was keeping Jacob from ripping all the cars off the paper before the month of February!

Soo...whatcha think? Do they get your heart racing? ;)

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