Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a fabulously fabulous weekend. Gosh- as Jacob gets older, he just gets so damn fun! I commented earlier that as long as he sleeps through the night, I do not care if he goes to bed "on time" (whatever that actually is) or takes naps (especially on the weekends). I just love playing with him! Ahh!

Anyways- back to the weekend...

We had such a fun weekend! It started on Friday night with margaritas, fajitas and a little relaxing time.

Saturday we did some yard work, went to Target (where my husband proceeded to ruin my shopping experience- typical, and the last time he goes with us to Target) and then went to Jacob's friend's 1st birthday party! We had a blast playing with all our baby buddies- jumping in the bounce house, eating Chic-fil-A for the first time (OMG) and walking all over the living room (yeah!).

Sunday was spent pushing things to the limit and walking/falling ALL over the place. He literally took a 30 minute nap Sunday afternoon, because I know he just wanted to get out of his crib and walk around some more. Lord, help us! We did a little more yard work on Sunday morning and then had a little pool time (in his new crab pool- adorbs) in the afternoon. We finished the weekend just the way we started it- with more fajitas and margaritas! The perfect way to ring in summer!

Love my sweet little family so much, and can't wait to make so many funnnn memories this summer! We'll be spending tonight sipping some vino and booking our beach vacay!! Yayyy! More details on that later...

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