Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jacob - 11 months

P.S. these monthly pictures are becoming
tough to take!
Age: 11 months
Height: (we don't go back to the pediatrician until his 1 year visit)
Weight: 22lbs 15oz (this was 2 weeks ago) 
Milestones: He's still not walking, but he cruises around the house like a mad man. He will pull-up on the wall, and cruise along the walls to get where he wants to go.  It's so funny to watch! He can walk holding 1 of our hands, so 1 of his hands is free, but he still doesn't look ready to walk yet. And I'm ok with that.
Sleep: We've officially cut the nighttime feeding- thank GOD! Within the past 2 weeks, he's starting sleeping through the night more consistently, but occasionally he'll wake up and fuss/cry for a little bit. He still sleeps approximately 12 hours at night- usually 7-6:30. He's getting more consistent at nap time too- I can usually get two 1-hour naps out of him, typically around 10am and 2pm.
Eating: We're still nursing 4x/day- morning, after he wakes from both of his naps and before bed. And I'm proud to report that he's still 100% breastfed, no formula! Woohoo! I'm hoping to wean at 1 year, so we've introduced whole milk, but he doesn't like it. My goal is to get a little more consistent with offering whole milk this month, so hopefully he at least likes it by 1-year and we can start transitioning to that.  In terms of food, he's completely off baby food. He eats all table foods now. For breakfast, we do yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, waffles, pancakes, etc. For lunch and dinner we typically do the same stuff- turkey dogs, lunch meat, if we make meat for dinner we'll give it to him, fish, chunks of steamed vegetables, cheese and fruit. His current favorites are cheese (colby jack mostly, but he had pepperjack last night) and strawberries.  He will double-fist strawberries and shove them in his mouth chubby bunny style. It's absolutely hysterical!
Clothes size: 18 months - 2T
Diaper size: Size 5! We decided to stick with Pampers Cruisers. As tough as it is to change him, I'd rather wrangle him for 30 seconds than have to constantly battle diaper rash! This month we also switched to the Pampers overnight diapers; his diapers were getting really full at night and these seem to help.
Best Moment: This month has been a lot of fun- now that its warming up, we've been spending a lot of time outside. We took Jacob to the zoo for the first time, and we often eat dinner outside, or just hangout outside during the day.  He loves riding in his wagon in the backyard while I water the flowerbeds and he uses his pushcar to walk around the backyard with the dogs. So cute!
Worst Moment: Overall, things are definitely improving and "bad moments" are few and far between. We had to go on antibiotics again for a lingering green/yellow runny nose- it seemed to work overnight and he's doing fine now.
Favorite toy: He mostly likes pots and pans, and crawling/cruising around discovering new things. He also loves looking out the windows at the world. Josh bought him this turtle pull toy that he's been obsessed with for the last 24 hours. He drags it along as he cruises on the couch and coffee table.
Teeth: He has the 2 bottom teeth, and I think the top front 2 are moving because he's been pretty fussy lately and I can tell that his gums are swollen.
Looking forward to: his birthday party and all that comes with his birthday!! I have so many things up my sleeves, just hoping I can pull it all off.  Let the crafting begin! :)

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