Monday, May 13, 2013

My FIRST Mother's Day

What a special weekend it's been! Oh my gosh, I feel so incredibly blessed!! I love my boys and family so so much, they're the best!

After Jacob went to bed on Friday night, we kicked the weekend off with Campisi's pizza, a delicious bottle of Becker Cab-Syrah and watched Django Unchained. Talk about a long movie! But it was good.

On Saturday, Josh made yummy breakfast tacos (my fab breakfast), I got a mani/pedi and we went to linner (lunch/dinner- a common meal at our house) at Mi Cocina. Yum!!

On Sunday, Josh's mom, Gma and my sister came over and we went to brunch at The Pantry in downtown McKinney. Everything was delicious and we even had mimosas! Cheers! When we got home, Jacob took a 1.5 hour nap and so did mom and dad! Yay! Then that night, we went to our neighbor's house (her daughter and 3 boys were there) and we hung out and had dessert- a great way to end the weekend!!
And, bonus- Josh took Monday off because we took Jacob's 1st birthday pictures this morning. So we get to play for 1 more day!

The beautiful necklace Josh & Jacob got me | The Vintage Pearl

Loved these gorgeous flowers from Josh & Jacob as well!

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