Thursday, May 2, 2013

First shoes!

Jacob got his first pair of real shoes today. Sigh. My little boy is growing up!

We took him to Stride Rite to get measured and he's a 5.5 extra wide. Which is apparently super hard to find. Shocker. I mean, Josh wears a 16 in shoes and neither of us can buy clothes in stores (have to buy online), so I don't know why it shocks/annoys me that we can't just run into Payless and grab a pair of shoes for the little dude.

Anywaysssss.... We went to Nordstrom which has a great selection of baby shoes, especially wide sizes! The girl who helped us was super sweet and told me she was excited for a challenge (aka finding shoes to fit my man-child is a challenge).

All the Stride Rite shoes were too tight, so we settled on a pair of Keens. They're more of a sandal/Crock-like shoe, but I think they'll work great for the summer. And they're waterproof and basically indestructible. And they're pretty dang cute on his chubby feet. Hehe :)

We ended up getting a regular size (i.e. not wide), but went up a size to a 6.

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