Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jacob's schedule - 10.5 months

One of the things I wish I would've included in my monthly updates is Jacob's current schedule.  I'm so A-type, that I literally rack my brain daily trying to outline (and stick to) his schedule. Honestly, it usually ends in an epic fail, and I've learned to accept that, but it gives me something to do! Ha!

Anyways, here's his current schedule/routine, as best as I can outline it...

7:00am - wake up, nurse, diaper change

8:00am - breakfast - he's completely over baby food now, so this usually consists of fruit, yogurt, waffles or oatmeal

8:30am - play time, or if the weather is nice we go for a run or play outside

10:30am - nap time (for at least an hour) - if we have a play date or need to run errands, I will shower, do my hair and makeup and prepare/pack his lunch. If not, this is my time to tidy up, start laundry, clean, etc.

11:30am - wake up, nurse, diaper change, get dressed for the day

12:30pm - lunch - this includes deli meat, turkey dogs, cheese sticks, fruit, veggies, etc.

3pm - nap time (for at least an hour) - Ellen time for mama! Yay! If its a rerun or he goes to down earlier, I will catch up on DVR or blog.

4pm - wake up, nurse, diaper change

4:30pm - daddy comes home! Party!

5:30pm - start preparing dinner

6pm - dinner - I try to feed Jacob part of what we eat, but will also supplement with items listed for lunch above

6:30pm - bath time, PJs, nurse

7:15pm - bed time

7:30pm - I try to do weights with my resistence bands atleast twice a week. Realistically though, I'm dragging my ass into the shower, pouring a giant glass of wine, plopping down on the couch and watching trash TV until bed time.  Ahhh...the life of a mom.


  1. OK, what does Josh do that he gets home at 4:30? Casey needs to work there ASAP, ha! (So awesome!) And you're motivating me to get my ass back -not in shape, but- in my pants. LOL!

  2. It IS awesome, Alicia!! He works with customers in the NE, so he works 7-4.