Monday, April 29, 2013

14 day challenge!

Most of you know that my sister is a Camp Gladiator trainer (shout out to CG and Carrie!), but she also started selling AdvoCare recently. Around the same time, one of my friends from high school revealed her new amazeballs body thanks to AdvoCare and I was quickly on board.

We have family pictures in exactly 2 weeks, and I need something to help amplify what I'm doing already (running, etc). Since I'm still breastfeeding, I can't do their famous 24-day challenge, so instead- I'm replacing coffee with spark (1x/day) and replacing one meal (dinner) with a meal replacement shake. I'm also rededicating myself to running, abs and weights 3x/week.

I'm super excited and motivated, so hopefully I get some good results! Once I stop breastfeeding, I'll do the 24-day challenge to hopefully kick start a healthier lifestyle.

I took a spark this morning instead of my typical Tervis of coffee, and I feel awesome! It gave me more energy and focus without the yucky bloated feeling coffee leaves you with. I also went for a run with Jacob, did lunges and crunches.



  1. You're amazing!! Please keep us updated on how it's going- I've seen the Advocare stuff on FB and have been curious if it's FO-REAL!

  2. I feel great so far! I love spark in the morning- it doesn't weigh me down like coffee and it actually gives me energy! Skipping dinner has been a challenge because I've got 2 other mouths to feed. I think skipping lunch would be easier.