Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jacob's 1st Trip to the Zoo

What a fun day we had today!! We drove over to Fort Worth (where Josh's dad lives) and went to the FW zoo with him. We all had so much fun! Jacob mostly enjoyed people watching, but I think he was impressed by some of the animals, primarily the white tiger that was 1 foot away from him (behind plexiglass) and the flamingos.

After the zoo we went to grab some BBQ at the Woodshed Smokehouse down by TCU and the zoo. The food was great there- wouldn't really consider it BBQ, too fancy, but it was delish! It's more of a drankin' place, IMO.

Jacob had a total blast at both places and was zonked out in 5 minutes when we got him in the car. Hehe, so cute! We will definitely go back sometime before it gets too hot!

Here's some pictures of the day...

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