Monday, January 9, 2012

The day before

So here we are, the evening before our next doctor appointment where we should find out if our first child will be a son or daughter. I find myself barely able to contain my anticipation and hope. I am not going to venture A guess either way, rather I just want a healthy report. To think that at this time tomorrow, we could know and wheels could be set in motion, is mind boggling to me. But I am so excited, and I know sitting through work tomorrow while waiting for the appointment at 4:00 will make for a very, very long day. This past Sunday, our pastor mentioned in his sermon a couple thing. 1) don't sweat the small stuff. 2) in life there are big, direction changing moments we should recognize and pay proper attention to. Tomorrow is such a moment. --Josh


  1. We can't wait to find out. I know Kate thinks it's a boy but I'm thinking a girl on this one! ;) LOVE YOU GUYS and we are soooooo HAPPY and EXCITED for you guys. Pave the way and report back :)

  2. Such an exciting moment for you two! I remember all that anticipation and then the time comes when they arrive and It changes you forever. Best wishes for a healthy baby!