Sunday, May 25, 2008

We need more of these

Finally! Memorial Day weekend is here & we have a 3-day weekend! For me, & my company, I think the last 3-day weekend we had was.........New Year's Day. So, I'm due for a paid holiday. Kate & I have been so busy almost every weekend since March, & will continue to be busy, so we specifically planned to stay home & do nothing this weekend. Just RELAX. The only thing on our agenda was to go up to Matt & Haley's (Matt is old co-worker from EmCare) on Saturday. They were having people over for Matt's birthday, Monday. Other than that, we're chillin. And it feels good.

3-day weekends should be more common. The government should mandate that one weekend every month is a 3-day weekend, & all companies must comply. It'll never happen, but it's wishful thinking. So, we'll enjoy this one while we can. Gotta run. If you need us, you can find us either on the couch or by the pool.


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