Monday, May 12, 2008

Food, Flowers, & Bling

Sunday night passed us with forgetting to blog. My, how busy our life is! With all the wedding planning comes paying for wedding planning. That, along with the economy the way it is & gas costing us our eventual first-born, we've been eating out less & trying to spend less on optional fun & entertainment. But, every now & then you have to take a break. So we went to Mi Cocina Thursday night & enjoyed a date night with margaritas & tex-mex. We had a great time & look forward to it again. We followed diner with putting together the wedding invitations for our out-of-state guests. One hour later, we had 95% of our invitations put together & ready to go. No sweat! Mailed them out Friday.
Friday came & we're always thankful for Friday to be here. Kate got sweet VIP tickets to Taste of Addison, so we ventured down South for the evening. Switchfoot & Gavin DeGraw (the G is capitalized folks!) played. We enoyed some free beer from the VIP tent, because we're ballers, & waited for Swithfoot to play something good. Still waiting. And yes everyone that's right, I'm warming up to beer & had a few Friday. Anywho, we sauntered around the grounds while Switchfoot played crappy music, & tried some food from a few of the vendors. Texas de Brazil, I look forward to visiting you one of these days. Gavin DeGraw proved much more pleasing to the ears.
Saturday came & went as we met the Rowans at the Arboretum to spend the afternoon with mom & G-ma surrounded by flowers. A good time was had by all, & then it got hot in the afternoon. Kate & I made our way back home & layed by the pool before grilling some kabobs. Yum! Sunday included pancakes, church, & wedding ring shopping. We visited about 5 jewelry stores & looked at a ton of wedding bands for both me & Kate. We got some price quotes & are still waiting for some more, but it got us both even more excited about the wedding. Just over two months away, by the way. The afternoon flew by before we knew it.
So, back to work & the real world today. A visit to Austin awaits us next weekend, which we're ready for already! Thanks for tuning in. We love all our fans out there!

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