Sunday, May 4, 2008

May already?!?

Where did April go? Aren't we all like that at the start of every month? Honestly, I'm glad it's May & look forward to June, then July. Don't know why.....I just feel like it'll be a good month for me.

I don't really have a plan for this blog or an order for this week's highlights, so let's just jump into things. Mav got a haircut last weekend. He still has all the spunk & attitude as before, but now more aerodynamic. He's a little more intimidating with all his longer hair. The Mavs gracefully bowed out of the NBA playoffs, reminding us all of the old Mavs. Yippee.

We had a nice visit to Campisi's Saturday night & had a great meal. We also picked up to movies from Blockbuster which I will now review: 27 Dresses - ok, not great, was entertaining and at times funny. Dan in Real Life - overall not good, kinda depressing & wierd, & just one or two "haha" moments. We also ran some wedding errands on Saturday & got a lot done.

So it was a pretty normal week. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which is a holiday in Mexico & this is why do we celebrate it here? Whatever. Chips & salsa? Si!


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