Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ticking timebomb

I'm not sure if its the whole planning-a-wedding-in-4-months-thing, the additional hormones from the overpriced birth control I've been taking, the stress and anguish I endure on a daily basis at work, or if I'm turning into a bonafide bridezilla... whatever it is I've been a total wreck the last couple weeks.

I'm typically not an emotionally person; babies, movies, sappy love stories usually don't effect me. BUT LET ME TELL YOU...lately, I've been a complete mess. Sunday, at church, I started crying when I saw a little baby girl in the pew in front of us. I balled for a good 5 minutes after I saw the SPCA commercial with the Sarah McLachlan "Angel" song. If you do not cry during this commercial, you need to come hang out my house and dog for an hour and you will.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my tales of being on an emotional rollercoaster. Thank GOD Josh is around to help me through this...I don't think I could do it without him. Love you, honey! :)

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