Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's June!!!

Well hello there, June. Where did you come from? Sorry for the stupid start to this blog, but I'd like to welcome everyone back after being away so long. We have been delinquent in our postings. However, never fear! Not much new has been going on with us.

I was happy to just hear on the news today that it appears Hillary Clinton (Satan) will not be the Democratic nominee for President. We'll still have to deal with Obama, but if he can somehow get gas prices down, even a bit, ok. So in memory of Hillary's campaign, the picture. My apologigies for scaring everyone with the image of evil.

So what have we been up to? More of the same. We went to Austin this past weekend to meet with our wedding coordinator for our "detailed meeting". I left the meeting feeling very good about everything we have in place & all the work we've done in planning, & that our wedding will be just as we want it. We also had a good time hanging out with Kate's family & some of her friends.

But, not much is new, overall. Just thought I'd check in with everyone to let you know we're still here. We love our fans!


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