Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the blink of an eye

The title of this blog is in reference to two things: 1) how fast the weekends ALWAYS go, & 2) how quickly our wedding date is approaching. We visited Austin again this weekend (I think that's 3 visits in 6 weeks?) for Kate's bridal shower & to allow my folks to meet her folks. The bridal shower Saturday afternoon went lovely; I got to meet several of Kate's friends I hadn't met & many nice people got us some items off of our registry. Al in all it was a great afternoon. My mom & G-ma even made it down from C-town to meet Kate's mom & sister.

Saturday night we had dinner with my dad, & he got to meet her folks. In Austin this weekend they had a big motorcycle rally, so after dinner we walked down 6th Street amongst bikers of all sizes, shapes, & colors. It was an adventure out of the norm for us Planonians, but a lot of fun. Today was Father's Day & I went on a run with my dad early this morning at Town Lake, then to breakfast. Kate & I endured retarded idiot drivers on I 35 this afternoon on the drive back home. Seriously, there were some brain-dead people out there on the road who cause traffic to suck most of the way back. It was frustrating, but we eventually got home & unloaded, glad to be back. Also, we won't need to make another trip to Austin (or any other long drive) until the wedding. Speaking of, we're quickly approaching 1-month away status. Luckily, we have everything done & it will be a month of relaxation (Kate's opinion may differ). Oh, also today we visited the Garden Ridge in Austin & finally found suitable, matching effen picture frames we'd been searching for. Aatttt, Laaaaaast!

Thanks for tuning in. I'm tired & ready to go to sleep. Also ready for next weekend already!


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