Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday - Spring Dreaming

Totally not related to this link-up, but I started Rodan + Fields yesterday and I'm so excited to see how it goes. I have seriously sensitive skin that is dry in the winter and oily in the summer. I've always had the hardest time finding face products that are sensitive enough, but still work. I've got my fingers crossed for this program, and I'll let you know how it goes!! Give me 2 weeks. :)

Now onto the good stuff. I'm linking up with some gorgeous gals for Five on Friday, yet again, and sharing FIVE items I'm goo-ing and gaa-ing over for spring. With the unseasonably warm weather we've had lately, I can't stop thinking about spring! Not to mention I've seen daffodils in full bloom already, and TONS of growth throughout the neighborhood. Woohoo! Can't wait!

So let's get started...

These gorgeous Nikes. If you follow me on IG (@KateSoko), you know that I actually already got these from my hubby for Valentine's Day, and I luuuurve them!

This striped dress. I'm really into stripes and this dress comes in tall, sooo I pretty much couldn't put this in my shopping bag quick enough.

These skimmer jeans. I'm trying to talk myself into believing that white jeans are realistic with a crazy toddler. Yeah, good luck.

This denim jacket. I've never actually owned a denim jacket before, so I'm not 100% sold on it, but I'm hoping this one fits me good and I can try it out! Do any of y'all have one? You like it? They seem so versatile! And perfect for a busy mommy!

Olivia Moon Raglan Sleeve Mixed Media Top
This super cute baseball tunic. How comfy does this shirt look?? I love a good baseball tee, and especially one that covers your bum! How perf!

So tell me- what else are y'all eyeing for spring?!


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    1. They're pretty much as cute as seriously functional running shoes can get. Love them!