Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Weekend

Despite being knee deep in Judd's 4th Wonder Week, we had a pretty nice weekend, so I thought I'd share it here.
We had a college kid lay 25 bags of mulch in the front and back flowerbeds, so Jacob can now play without stepping in mud constantly. He loves playing in the backyard aka his "construction site." On Friday, he was dragging around that octopus bubble blower. That thing is so damn might get "lost" soon. ;)
We used some of our tax refund to finally buy a new dryer. You know you're getting old when getting a new dryer is seriously the highlight of your weekend. Ha! It dried our sheets in 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES!!!! Our old dryer took over an hour!

The weather was decent on Saturday, so we got a little more outside time while Judd napped. Jacob was playing "delivery man" after the dryer was delivered. Wonder where he came up with that idea?

On Sunday we went over to Josh's sister and B-I-L's house to celebrate birthdays. Josh's birthday is on March 24 and Emily's (his sister) is on March 29, so we always celebrate them at the same time. We all gourged ourselves on yummy BBQ, a delicious homemade cake by Emily and some ice cream! This was my splurge meal of the month, since I really shouldn't be eating dairy. Everything was so delicious! We raced home at 6:30pm and threw the kids in the tub and to bed, and then quickly went to bed ourselves. I don't think we're used to doing so much, so we were beat!

ignore my face- I was saying "Jacob, say cheeeeeeese"
Judd is doing really good from his lip tie revision. I plan to do a whole post on that soon, once its completely healed and I can give my thorough opinion.
Hope you all had a LOVELY weekend, too! Josh's birthday is tomorrow, so Jacob and I are busy decorating the house and making a cake! All day tasks indeed!


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