Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Judson - 3 months

My sweet Judd, you are the happiest and most relaxed baby I've ever seen. You are simply a DREAM!!! I love you, sweet boy, and cannot imagine life without you. You really are the perfect piece to our puzzle. 

Age: 3 months

Height: --

Weight: --

Nicknames: Judd, JudderBug

Milestones: Judds been batting at toys for awhile, but recently he's started trying to grab them. He loves laying on his back on his playmat and just whacking at all his toys. He's also a pretty big fan of tummy time. He can raise his head up a few inches and look around for quite awhile, so cute when he's watching his big brother play. He's rolled over from belly to back a few times, but it's not really that consistent yet. Recently he's been wanting to stand up a lot (with assistance, obviously); I'm pretty impressed with the way he can put weight on his legs like that! He's also starting to try and sit up a bit, he's very wobbly at this point, but gotta start somewhere! I've been putting him in the Bumbo for a few minutes each day and I can tell he loves being able to look out and watch his brother. He coos and smiles a lot, but he still hasn't laughed yet.

Sleep: We transitioned Judd to his crib a few weeks ago, because he seemed uncomfortable in the rock & play, and he did surprisingly well! Naps are pretty consistent and good- we usually get two solid 1.5-2 hour naps and two 45 minute-1 hour naps. He has a "twilight sleep stage" during almost every nap right at 45 minutes, he will fuss and whine a little bit, but he usually falls back to sleep. Nighttime is pretty consistent too, although I really wish he would start sleeping through the night. Currently he's waking once a night anywhere between 1-4am, and then he goes right back to sleep until 6:30-7am.

Eating: Judd was eating every 3 hours, and I'm trying to push it to 3.5 hours. Somedays it totally works, and others he's ready to eat at 2.5 hours! I'm actually starting to think that his lip tie is effecting his nursing, so we're going in a week to have it evaluated and possibly revised. He just seems really annoyed with the boob and will often give up quickly into a nursing session, but if we give him a bottle (of pumped breastmilk), he chugs it.

Clothes size: 3-6 month // 6 month

Diaper size: size 2
Teeth: none

Favorite toy: his playmat and any toys he can bat at

Likes: his brother, diaper changes, bathtime, being held so he can look out

Dislikes: being cold, being wet, nursing

Personality: so far he seems really happy and easy-going, unless he's overtired, wet or overstimulated

Best moment: We've had a lot of fun this month, Judd fits into our family so well!

Worst moment: Judd got sick  A G A I N  this month. I hate it so much when he's sick, he's just so sad and pathetic. Praying that warmer temps make their appearance soon and we can kick all these dang colds!

Looking forward to: This week is spring break and Jacob doesn't have school, so we have a few playdates planned with friends. Looking forward to getting out of the house and praying Judd cooperates! :) Josh's birthday and Easter are coming up this month too, so that'll be fun to celebrate with Judd!

How is Jacob adjusting?: I don't know if its baby brother, or just the terrible 2/3s, but Jacob has been really difficult lately! He's just so defiant and rude to me. It probably has to do with my lack of sleep, but I have zero patience for his antics. I'm praying he will get over this hump SOON!

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