Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jacob's Easter Basket & Stuff

With Easter less than 2 weeks away (how is this possible??), I thought I'd share all the goodies Jacob will be getting this year from the Easter bunny!

Hoooowwww cute is that Boo?? Jacob is obsessed with Boo. He has the large one, and another small one with a "bear hoodie." I thought this one was sooo cute and perfect to kick off spring/summer.

The Etch-a-Sketch is really my next attempt at "arts and crafts" with Jacob. He either draws all over the house or has NO desire to do it. So, I thought maybe he could draw on this?? We'll see.
I'm not entirely sure how appropriate a gun is for Easter...but this Bubble Gun will surely be the key to my sanity this spring. I am already soooo sick of blowing bubbles. God help us!

And of course, Easter books! He already has many religious Easter books (this, this and this are my favorites), so I thought I'd get him some mainstream books.
Jacob has already been sporting this crazy-cute Easter tee.
And on Easter Sunday, he'll be wearing this handsome aqua gingham shirt with khakis.
Can't wait to see and hear about your Easter basket picks, and of course- the egg hunts!!! I love this time of year!
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  1. Hopping in from the link up... Bubble gun? I need to get one of those! I HATE the little wands and always get so frustrated. Thanks for sharing your Easter fun. Have a great weekend!

    1. Right?! I'm so excited about that. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!