Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Egg Explosion

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Not sure if it's because it coincides with spring cleaning (and we all know I love a good deep cleaning) or if it's just the general uplifting feeling that spring brings- sunshine, warm temps, flowers, bright colors, etc. Either way- I'm totally game!

This year I decided to spruce up my Easter decor and try to do it on a budget. I think I nailed this one. 

Easter egg explosion at Casa de Sokolewicz...

I went to the Dollar Store and grabbed about 8 tubes of Easter eggs (4 of the pastel colors and 4 of the brighter colors, 24 eggs in each tube). I'm no math major, but that's like 200+ Easter eggs.
The Dollar Store eggs are awesome for crafting because they have holes on both ends, so you can easily string them.

Easter egg garland
I literally took 24 eggs, strung them on fishing line and hung them on my little nails on my mantel and called it a day. This little pop of color really does make a huge impact in our family room!
Easter egg decorations
For each holiday/season, I fill up this vase on our dining room table with various items. I love that its one of the first things you see when you walk in our front door, and it just sets the tone for the entire house. I actually got those little wooden baskets at Emporium Pies (they put their to-go slices in them- how cute, huh??), but I found similar ones here. Just fill them with some Easter grass and you've got some adorable placecards or, in my case, a little Easter goodie for Easter brunch! (more on that later)
Easter egg wreath

I can't even count how many times I've said this, but no holiday/event/season is complete without a wreath! I'm seriously in love with this one. I first hot glued eggs (probably 70-80 eggs, y'all) to a foam wreath form. Then just used some Easter grass to fill in the spots where you could see the wreath form. There weren't that many spots, but I had to add some more to even it out. I'm so glad I made this guy. Love it!

Easter chalkboard | He is Risen
I took a little LBG inspiration on this chalkboard, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
I'll be back next week with Jacob's Easter basket and some ideas for a yummy Easter brunch!


  1. Great idea with the plastic eggs. I haven't seen them like that in our shops. My favourite is the wreath.

    1. Thanks, Val!! I'm slightly obsessed with wreaths; I'm glad you like this one, too! Cheers!

  2. That egg wreath looks AMAZING! I am so impressed! And also might have to try it myself. I was intimidated by how hard it looks though!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Aside from all the burns, it was actually pretty easy!! You should totally try it!