Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Festiveness

I know what you're thinking...seriously, Valentine's Day?! I'm totally with you. I cannot believe its already time to start thinking about (and decorating for) Valentine's Day! I feel like I just recovered from Christmas!

But, the planner inside of me is always looking forward to the next holiday. Hell, when I was a workin' gal, I literally LIVED in the next year for half the year before! (does that even make sense?) super fun (and easy) way to celebrate a holiday is with festive clothes. I try to buy a few items for Jacob for each holiday, including PJs. Because nothing is cuter than festive jams.

I've gathered my favorite items from around the world wide web for you today...

I'm not really into lots of hearts, but one or two is ok! And I luuuurve a festive stripe. Plus you can get away with a few of these into spring!
What are y'all loving this season?? Any must-have items I missed??

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