Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jacob - 12 months

Howwww on Earth is my son ONE!? I'm welling up just saying that. I've been so emotional all week- not really because he's one, but because its gone so stinkin' FAST! Every day, as he gets older, he gets more fun, so I'm definitely not sad that he's getting older and more mature. But as I look back on the year, I cannot believe how ridiculously FAST its gone! And then I think that in 17 short years, he will leave for college. And be gone forever. How sad! Ughh....

Okay, enough with the debbie downer....

This past year has taught me so many things- how to change a diaper under 30 seconds, how to do many things with 1 hand, how to breastfeed like a boss, how to survive on no sleep, how to concoct the perfect pot of coffee, a level of patience I never thought I had and, above all, a love I never knew existed. I love that little boy with every ounce of my heart. He makes me so proud and happy, I literally think my heart is going to explode. Sometimes after he goes to bed, I want to go in and wake him up, just to cuddle and kiss him some more. Everywhere we go, I want people to see how adorable he is. And if he's not with me, I want to show his picture off. I just can't imagine loving anyone/anything any more than I love him.

Having Jacob has also reaffirmed my love and admiration for my husband. I thank God everyday for putting Josh into my life, because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I couldn't have done this with anyone else but him. He is our rock and backbone, he keeps this family together and strong through everything. His patience, understanding and support are such a blessing to me.

And lastly, Jacob is such a joy. He is the light of our lives and the sweetest thing that I've ever known. His love for me, and Josh, is so refreshing, so effortless and so unconditional. I can see him look at Josh, like he is the coolest person ever. And I see the look in his eyes, when he looks at me, like I'm his whole world.

Well, baby... you are our whole world. And we love you more than you'll ever know.

Now, onto his monthly update... Jacob has changed a lot this month, he's much more consistent and stable. He seems to be settling into a new routine/schedule, which has pushed bedtime back a bit.

Age: 12 months
Height: 31" (88%)
Weight: 23lbs 14oz (86%)
Milestones: Well, he's officially walking! And by walking, I mean running- or at least trying to! That boy caught onto walking with ease. I mean really, its quite impressive! I think its also safe to say that his first real word was "da" for dog. He loooves his puppies so so much! Every time I go in to get him from a nap, he immediately points to the door and says "da da da". He loves to chase them all around, "pet" them, and giggle at them when they bark and run around. They are so cute together! As I mentioned, he's pointing, waving, clapping and showing signs of trying to use spoons/forks himself. He definitely understands that food goes in bowls, and to get it out, you have to use a spoon or fork. He's also pretty much a pro at the sippy and straw cups.
Sleep: His sleep has improved SO MUCH this month. He's consistently sleeping through the night, without a peep, for 11-12 hours. He usually sleeps 8pm-7am. His naps have gotten better too. I can generally get two 1-hour naps out of him, but of course we have freak days where he naps for 2 hours.
Eating: We are down to 2 nursing sessions a day- morning and night. We just dropped down to 2 last week and Jacob really doesn't seem phased by it. I got a little engorged one night, but so far so good. As for solids- much like his daddy, he doesn't like vegetables. Like not at all. I try so hard, but it usually ends up in full-blown tears. So I offer it, but don't push it. He still loves strawberries and cheese. I always serve him yogurt for breakfast, I think it really helps with his digestion. He usually has fruit, oatmeal and toast/waffles as well. For lunch and dinner, he usually has turkey dogs, mac & cheese, cheese sticks, strawberries and I try to get him to eat a pouch of food, so he gets a little bit of vegetables. As he gets older, we're trying to get him to eat what we eat. We aren't the BEST eaters, but this is encouraging us to eat better.
Clothes size: 18 months - 2T
Diaper size: Size 5 Cruisers
Best Moment: There have been so many fun moments this month- he's walking like a champ now, and I love watching him toddle around the backyard chasing the dogs. Today was also really fun- I'll post separately about that!
Worst Moment: Last week while we were cooking dinner, Jacob slipped on some water on the kitchen floor and smacked the back of his head on the tile floor. I literally think my heart stopped for a second. That hard, solid thud on the floor nearly gave me a heart attack! He cried really hard, and got a pretty good bump, but he seemed ok and bounced back really quickly. Thank GOD!
Favorite toy: His legs? Haha! But really- now that he's walking, he's running around all over the house exploring everything he couldn't before. Keeping me busy, indeed!
Teeth: He officially cut his top front teeth, and one of the side top ones. Ugh! Poor guy has been a teething terror, complete with runny poo, and he keeps smacking his head from the pain.
Looking forward to: His birthday party this Sunday. I'm soooo excited!!! What a FUN time!

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