Sunday, July 12, 2009

T minus 7 days......

I look up & find myself one week away from marking our first year of marriage. It's gone by quickly. I wouldn't say it's flown by but it's been a quick year. A week from today is the day, & to mark the occasion (& to just get the heck away from here & onto a beach) we'll be on our way to Cabo for a week. Just give me a 6-day sleeping pill & wake me up to pack the day before. Ok?

Kate turned 25 on July 10. Happy B-day hun! We celebrated the day with flowers, new jeans, chocolate cheesecake, & possibly the best dinner, steak or otherwise, either one of us have ever had. And lots of wine. Kate chose the Dallas Ruth's Chris steakhouse for herB-day dinner, which proved to be a most excellent selection. We skipped getting an appetizer in an effort to remain hungry when the steak & sides arrived, so we ordered 3 sides & each got a filet. The bring it out still sizzling, as advertised, & the taste doesn't disappoint. The accompanying sides were onion rings, mashed potatoes, & cream spinach. And a bottle of Shiraz. We finished full but not too full, trying to wrap our minds around how great everything was. Do yourself a favor & go there. ASAP.

We took the dogs to the vet on Saturday for Mav's annual shots & Schatzi's 4-month shots. Mav weighs 7.6 lbs & Schatzi 4.8 lbs. Both higher than what we thought. We filled the rest of the day with afternoon naps, a trip to Home Depot., & yard work later in the evening. Kate has been dying to take up the mulch in the front flower beds, & when I came back from my run she had started. It's safe to say I was less than thrilled to get started on this in 100+ degree heat, but marriage means that often its good to suck it up & do what the other wants to do over what you want to do, so I happily joined my lovely, profusely sweating wife in the task.

So hopefully we can get through this last pre-vacation work week without too much anxiety. Can't wait to get to Cabo, smell the ocean, feel the sun, have a margarita, & relax for a whole week.


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  1. Hooray for new jeans!!!!!!!! And flowers, steak, and wine, too... :) Have a good time in Cabo!