Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rough Creek Lodge

My company celebrated our 10-year anniversary this past week. The actual anniversary is 9-9-09, but we celebrated early at Rough Creek Lodge. This place is amazing. If any of you want to get away for a weekend, you should really try this place. They have tons of outdoor activities (i.e. zip line, bungee jump, paddle boats, ATVing, skeet shooting, target shooting, fossil hunting, etc, etc...)

Working at an office with 22 women is a roller coaster ride, but we truly get along so well. This was such an awesome way to celebrate the anniversary. I just hope our boss celebrates our 11-year anniversary in such style! :)

The first day we did a GPS navigated scavenger hunt. We were split into 4 teams and were forced to answer Asher-specific questions and do different activities, once we found the "check points". It was cool because we got to try 10 of the activities offered at the lodge, without spending 3 full hours on 1 activity.

The second day we woke up really early (8am on vacation is no fun for Kate!)ache I, and we zip-lining and bungee jumping. This was alot of fun, except for the killer hangover headache I was sporting. After the aerobic activities, we went to the spaaaaahhh... The owner of our company gave us a $125 gift card to spend however we pleased (some women went skeet shooting or ATVing...I went to the spa). I got a Lomi Lomi massage, which was amazing. I definitely recommend that everyone try this style. Its representative of the Hawaiian waves, moving all over your body. Nice!

Both nights we had awesome cocktail hours and delicious dinners. I definitely recommend that EVERYONE goes out there. Josh & I will be going out there for a weekend getaway soon.

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  1. This does sound awesome! It's always nice to have a little stash of places you can go for a get-a-way... we are overdue for one, maybe we'll check it out. We usually fall back on San Antonio, but it gets kind of old!!