Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming up on the big time

I find myself sitting here at home tonight, with my 2 dogs napping, the lawn freshly mowed, a home-made burger for diner, & reflecting on how good everything is. The only downer is that Kate is currently on a company retreat & won't be home until Saturday afternoon. But, things are good. Tomorrow is our 11-month mark in our month from our 1-year & our celebratory trip to Cabo.

I've got to say I'm quite happy with my little family. Schatzi is blending in surprisingly well with Maverick. It's great for them to have a friend to hang out with & play with. Kate & I continue to grow together. It's crazy to think that we're already coming up on a year. I remember this time last year, how it was all so exciting & moving so quickly. Then we went to Jamaica, & this year it will be Cabo. I think traveling is going to continue to be a big thing for us; one of our priorities. I'm really excited to take a vacation, but I really can't wait for that feeling I get when I'm far away from everything else except Kate, & we're n a new place together.

So hurry back, hun! Me & the dogs are doing good, but we can't wait to see you again!

Love you!


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