Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worst TV shows

There's a list in my head of classically crappy television shows. I can't think of them all right now, but the list usually includes shows such as "I'm 16 and pregnant", "Real Housewives of Atlanta", "NYC Prep", "American Idol", anything involving Paris Hilton, etc. The show currently in my cross hairs as I hunt down the worst current TV show...."The Bachelorette".

I don't want to narrow this post down to this one show, so I'm going to include the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette series. What a load of crap. First of all, how can anyone sane go into this thing, think they're gonna meet someone within 30 days & get engaged, then get married, & have it last forever. Ain't gonna happen. Sure, some people out there really do meet someone, fall in love & get married right away, & they spend the rest of their lives together. But on these shows, the Bachelorette is also dating up to 25 or more guys at the same time, so your time with the Princess is minimal. Oh, also IT'S ON TV, so it's not gonna work. It's the biggest ridiculously produced load of crap I've ever seen, it's laughable. I can seriously see the producers whispering in the Bachelorette's earpiece, "Ok, now lean in, kiss him, smile, hug him & tell him he's great. Ok, now Randy your turn, come step in & take her out in the back garden". Not to mention you have this choade Chris hosting the whole debacle. He's so predictable in his lines & mannerisms. IS he really necessary? Is the show really necessary???

The finale last night was all just so nuts. The happy couple got engaged,as scripted. Now guess what! Time to go back to the semi-real world & when life starts happening it's "Oh, you're really like this when I thought you were like that?" "Oh, you were just acting for the cameras & saying lines the producers fed you?" "I feel like I hardly know you." Duh! It's only a matter of time before Jillian (questionable from the start) & Ed call it off. Bet.


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