Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Lately

As I was drafting up Judd's 7 month update, I realized I haven't posted since Judd's 6 month update! Yikes! We've been super busy and I just haven't even had a chance to stop and think! Here's a quick update on what's been going on! (I apologize for all the iPhone pictures)

We celebrated Father's Day with a super low-key weekend. We went to the Fort Worth stockyards with Josh's dad, watched the cattle drive, ate lunch and headed home.


We've had a few playdates with friends. Finger painting, library storytimes, and lots of swimming!

Judd had an allergic reaction to something (doctor thinks it was contact dermatitis, so he touched something (like grass) and then rubbed his eye). Poor guy! It broke my heart seeing him like this!

We started potty training with Jacob over the 4th of July weekend, and it honestly couldn't have gone any better. We're basically 1 week in and he's only had a handful of accidents. He hasn't gone poop in the potty yet (only in his undies), but I've read that's pretty common.

Judd celebrated his FIRST FOURTH by pulling up!! Crazy kid!

And of course, we had to take some pictures of these little firecrackers because they really do light up our lives! :)

In addition to just every day life, we purchased a new house! We've decided to keep our current house and rent it out, so we are now landlords! Kinda scary, but we definitely see the financial incentives too. 

We did a month lease-back to the sellers of our new house, so we don't actually move in until the end of July. Our first tenant moves in at the beginning of August, so we're approaching a SUPER BUSY few weeks! We've been crazy setting up new utilities, lining up painters, frantically trying to find a new school for Jacob closer to our new house, finding a new swim school for Jacob closer to our new house, etc., etc., etc.

I feel like my life is just one big unending to-do list! If anyone knows where I can buy a clone, let me know!! :)

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