Saturday, July 11, 2015

Judson - 7 months

Age: 7 months

Height: we don't go back until 9 months

Weight: we don't go back until 9 months

Milestones: Judson is sitting up unassisted, pulling up and trying to crawl, eating lots of baby food, babbling all the time, and such a funny little guy! He said "mama" the other day, which totally melted my heart! He's still in his infant carseat, but we'll be moving him to the convertible seat soon because he's almost too long for the infant one! Judd can pick up small objects with his fingers and gets very close to putting them in his mouth.

Sleep: Judd is still sleeping really good! He sleeps 7:30pm-7am, and most nights he doesn't wake up at all. He takes two naps- 9am and 1pm. Lately he's been taking a short afternoon nap, so he's been taking a third nap around 4-4:30pm. But overall- he's a fantastic sleeper!

Eating: I am still nursing Judd 3x/day PLUS we give him a bottle of pumped milk right before bed, and he gets 3x meals each day. He loves chewing on Puffs, and we'll be adding in some finger foods soon.

Clothes size: 9 and 12 months

Diaper size: size 3
Teeth: none yet!

Favorite toy: He still loves all of big brother's legos, hot wheels, balls, etc. We got out the activity table and he really loves standing at that!

Likes: big brother, eating, sleeping, being outside, the dogs

Dislikes: being overtired or hungry

Personality: Judd is still very easy-going, unless we're off schedule or he's hungry.

Best moment: We had a fun month! Father's Day at the stockyards, a trip out to the lake, lots of fun playdates and swimming!

Worst moment: Judd had an allergic reaction to something (doctor thinks it was contact dermatitis, meaning he touched something (like grass) and then touched his eye). It was really sad!

Looking forward to: Moving into our new house!!


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