Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Judson - 6 months

Age: 6 months

Height: 28"

Weight: 18lbs. 

Milestones: Judson is sitting up unassisted so good now! Like, professionally! Ha! I don't have to sit right behind him anymore and he hardly falls. (mostly when big brother comes by and knocks him over) He starting to practice his "Bs", always saying "ba ba ba", and he loves it when we repeat it back to him. He's been leaning forward while sitting and reaching for stuff, almost like he's about to start crawling! Once he tumbles over though, he just face plants, so he has a ways to go! But it's pretty crazy!

Sleep: Judd is such a great sleeper! Thank you, Jesus! He sleeps 7:30pm-7am straight though! Some mornings he wakes early, but he doesn't wake at all during the night. Woohoo! He's taking 3 naps right now, 2 really good naps (atleast 1.5 hours) and 1 catnap in the evenings.

Eating: My goodness, Judd loves to eat! He's eating 3 meals already, and would easily eat 5oz at each feeding if I'd let him. He is also still exclusively breastfed, nursing 4x/day.

Clothes size:  9 months

Diaper size: size 3
Teeth: none yet!

Favorite toy: Judd loves anything he can grab and put in his mouth- Legos, Hot Wheels, books, etc. He's a pretty chill baby.

Likes: Judd looooves his big brother! He loves watching the dogs, going outside, gnawing on his Sofie, eating and sleeping.

Dislikes: being overtired or hungry

Personality: Judd really is an easy-going baby. He very predictable, for the most part, and content as long as we're on schedule.

Best moment: This past month was a lot of fun. We went to a couple play dates, took Judd to the zoo for the first time, and celebrated Jacob's THIRD birthday!

Worst moment: Judd had a bit of a sleep regression or maybe development issue this month. He was waking up more at night, taking short naps or refusing them all together, but I think we've gotten through that and he's much better now!

Looking forward to: Father's Day!

How is Jacob adjusting?: I'm going to take this question off because Jacob is back to normal and doing awesome!


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