Monday, June 8, 2015

Jacob is THREE!

The balloons are limp, the cupcakes have been eaten, and daddy is back at work. Jacob's birthday weekend has officially come to an end. But that doesn't mean I can't relive all its glory through this post! Let's go!
We started the weekend on Friday, his actual birthday, with donuts for breakfast (just happened to be National Donut Day, too!) and a birthday party for another friend. It worked out good because Jacob got to play with his friends at a super fun trampoline park ON his actual birthday! I think he was a little confused why people were singing to her and not him, but he got over it quickly.
Daddy stayed home with Judd because he hurt his back and wanted to be well enough to partake in Jacob's party the next day. So, Jacob and I had a blast at the trampoline park!

For his birthday dinner, we got Sonic because he loves their corndogs. I even splurged and let him have a small chocolate shake. He is one lucky little boy!

Before bed he rode around on his scooter (gift from mom and dad) with his new stuffed Bolt (gift from his Aunt Carrie). I just know he had the best day!

Saturday morning we headed to the pool early and set-up for Jacob's Lightning McQueen party! I went low-key this year and it ended up being!

We actually managed a family picture! Go us! (thanks Amy!)

Everyone spent the first hour swimming and splashing around. This was Judd's first time in a pool, too! I think he liked it!

Chatting with his "girlfriend", Etta.

And he spent a good portion of the party jumping in to the pool with his Grandpas. Love this picture!

Then we ate pizza, sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes!

He loooooved his Lightning McQueen cake!

Then we headed home to open all his presents. He was having so much fun playing, he barely took a nap!

We spent the rest of the weekend opening and playing with all his gifts. He had so much fun!

As I watch him play and create, I can't help but marvel at just how big he's gotten. He so much fun these days! So imaginative, and creative. His mind is constantly exploring and discovering.

Mommy and daddy love you so much, Jacob! Can't wait for another FUN year!

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