Monday, August 6, 2012

Jacob - 2 months

At around 6 weeks, I was at my wits end.  I was exhausted from getting no sleep, upset because Jacob screamed when nursing, and his poops were turning green (sign something is up with baby).  I took Jacob into the pediatrician and expressed all my concerns.  Our sweet doctor (who is around my age with a 9mo old son) listened to me ramble for 30 minutes, and finally said "I think he has reflux."  My initial reaction - thank GOD it's not me!!  I'm not a terrible mother after all! :)  Jacob has been on Zantac since this time, and I have to say - he's done a complete 180 and I am now a happy mama. Most of my below recap is based on the "after Zantac Jacob."

Age: 2 months
Height: 23.25"
Weight: 14lbs 2oz
Milestones: We have smiles and laughs! Jacob is such a happy baby, especially after he eats - we spend 20 minutes just laughing and smiling at each other while I burp him (will post separately with a video).  He also really loves to get his diaper and clothes changed.  Not sure if its just the changing table/pad, or if he really likes it...but we've had some really great conversations on the changing table! :)  He's holding his head up better when on his tummy.  For the longest time Jacob hated tummy time, so we strengthened his neck on our chests or just holding him in our arms.  Now he's able to lift his head almost 90 degrees when laying on his belly (for short periods of time).  Jacob has also found his hands recently, and is constantly sucking on them.  Speaking of hands, he's slowly starting to open his little hands, which means he's started grabbing things and holding on.  Prior to this, his hands were more like paws.  He also spends lots of time on his playmat.  When in the right mood, he can spend upwards of an hour laying under there swatting at all the hanging toys and staring at himself in the mirror.  Occasionally I'll hold him in front of a wall mirror and he just stares and smiles.  I think he thinks he's interacting with another baby.  He even acts shy when he laughs, and he'll hide in my chest.  Sooo cute!!  Jacob still looooves bathtime - he just sits there and stares at me.  Then I wrap him up real tight and warm after his bath and we get ready for bed time.
Sleep: Ever since he started taking his medicine for reflux, Jacob has been sleeping GREAT!  He spent most of his 2nd month in the Rock & Play Sleeper in our room.  He would sleep 9-2 / 2:30-5:30 most nights.  Then we get up around this time and start our day.  Josh happens to get up at 5:30 for work, so it worked out pretty good.  Now that we had him on a pretty good sleep schedule, Josh and I were able to stay up after putting him down and watch some tv in peace, drink vino, unwind and just enjoy a little "us" time.  However, having him in our room was starting to cramp our style.  We always had to be so quiet in our room, we couldn't shower before bed for fear of waking him up and I was constantly yelling at the dogs because they sleep with us and are always growling at each other or making noises.  Since this was a growing issue, and since I was only getting up once a night to nurse, I decided it was time to transition him into his own room.  He spent his first night in his crib this past Friday, and slept great!  I think he slept better than me...I'm still getting used to the monitor and of course, I'm constantly worried about him.  However, I have to say - it's great to have our room back!  Now Josh and I have to figure out a routine with him in a separate room, and I need to figure out how to get him on a daytime nap schedule.
Eating: Jacob continues to eat like a CHAMP.  He still nurses every 2 hours, so I live my life in 2 hour blocks. :) Now that he's taking medicine for his reflux, he doesn't scream on the boob, which is such a blessing!  In fact, often times he falls asleep while nursing.  He was getting pretty gassy, which was effecting his sleep, so I'm now avoiding - dairy, beans, spicy foods and broccoli.  It's made a huge difference, and is definitely worth it!
Clothes size: He's shaped weird right now - he's short and fat.  Haha!  He fits in 0-3 for the length, but needs 6 month for the waist.  Sweet chubster. Most days are spent in 0-3 month onesies though.
Diaper size: Size 2
Best Moment: I'd have to say when he was finally diagnosed and we started the medicine.  I just can't explain how thankful I am for that.  His first smile and laugh were, obviously, amazing too.
Worst Moment: Right around the 6 week mark, I had a total meltdown - Josh actually had to stay home from work one day because I was such a wreck.  Things are definitely looking up.
Teeth: None, although right around 5 weeks I thought he was teething.  Turned out it was the reflux, and he happened to have 4 cysts on his gums right where his canines will eventually be.  So strange.
Looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to the age when he doesn't cry quite as much.  Not to say that he cries THAT much - he's really a good baby.  He just starts crying at the drop of a hat with little heads-up.  Because of this, I'm terrified to take him out for long periods of time.  I can't wait to take him to restaurants more, and to church!  Maybe around 4 months?

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