Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coming up on year 2

Quick recap since the last blog. The Murano (Pearl) is doing great & we love it.

We're both really, really looking forward to this weekend. We're gonna work a half day tomorrow then go to Austin. We'll stay the night at Kate's folks', leave the kids (dogs) with the grandparents, & head to Fredericksburg for a weekend of relaxing, wine, food, & shopping. It's a much needed getaway weekend. We hope to visit some interesting vineyards & drink some good Texas wine. Oh & BTW, it's all to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of our fabulous marriage. I'm also looking forward to driving Pearl more. Kate drives her on a daily basis so I don't see her in action that much. It will be fun to take her on the road trip, & we'll be driving cautiously the entire way.


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