Saturday, July 3, 2010

Car sizing-up

Today we're gonna go check out some cars but I wouldn't call it car shopping. Today is more like car sizing-up. We're tall people & we're also thinking ahead to a future family, so we're considering SUV's that we've never been in before. Therefore, we need to see how we fit in the various models & then decide which one we wanna go after. WE ARE NOT BUYING A CAR TODAY. But we will in the near future. I also think we'll finance through a bank, & hopefully get a better rate & take a little of the hassle out of buying a car. Today we will look at:

Nissan Murano
GMC Acadia
Ford Edge
GMC Terrain

We know what the Altima is like so no need to test drive that (if we decide to stick with a car). Going to dealerships & dealing with those lying vultures sucks, so wish us luck!


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  1. LOVE our Altima, as much as you love yours- but one thing you might want to keep in mind is that it got REALLY difficult to get down and get Ada in and out of her carseat when she got a little bigger! It's nice having an SUV (Casey and I ended up having to switch vehicles) a little taller off the ground so it's not such a drastic bend... especially for you super tall folks! :)