Sunday, August 24, 2008

Worst shopping trip EVER

Most of the time, in fact just about every moment of my life, it's cool to be my size. I love being tall. But on some rare days, which I'll call "shopping days", it kinda stinks. Especially when looking for jeans or pants for me. It's a mission impossible to find jeans that fit. So yesterday, we took Rico to get a haircut at PetsMart up by Stonebriar. His appointment was at 3, & they usually take 4 hours to pamper him appropriately. So with 4 hours to kill & us by a mall, & with Kate's love of shopping at any hour, we sauntered over to the mall. And so it began.

I now recognize that going to a mall with no strategic plan, or primary shopping targets, is a dangerous idea. Kate had one store she needed to visit & an idea of what she was going to get. I had no item I was looking for but kinda was in a shopping mood. That's a bad combo. The result: walking aimlessly around a large mall for several hours, walking into stores & getting a mental beat down 3 steps in. I kind of was searching for a Cowboys jersey for this season, as Kate & I have talked about getting jerseys, but I wasn't in the mood to spend that much on jerseys today. I also looked at shorts & more importantly, jeans, but alas, no jeans in my size could be found. Well, one pair could be found, but they'd look better on a farmhand working the fields. It was kinda depressing not being able to find ANYTHING in my size. Sometimes, life is so rough!

Eventually to my relief we left the mall & came back home. Kate went to get Mav & we were a little surprised by the way the groomer at PetsMart interpreted "trim his ears". They shaved his ears. And this is for a dog who I have never seen with ear hair shorter than 1 1/2 inches. He looks a little silly, & when he shakes his head now it sounds like folds of skin flapping, & it's a little embarrassing when I take him outside for a walk, but at least his ears will be a little cooler. He looks like a bat-dog. Or kinda like Shrek: big head & tiny ears. So imagine him in the picture above, just with shaved, tiny ears. What a Saturday.


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