Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'd like to call myself a "supportive" wife - I always have my husband's back and am constantly on his side. In fact, I was the one on my knees sorting through the billions of jeans yesterday...while Josh sat there feeling sorry for himself.

I'm sorry honey...but I'm going to counter your below post...Love ya!

Have you ever heard of Lucky Jeans? Of course you have because you don't live under a rock. My husband has heard of Lucky Jeans. In fact, he was with me when I bought my first pair of Lucky Jeans. Why then, doesn't he go to the Lucky store that is inevitably in every mall we step foot it? Why doesn't he put his tears and sorrow aside, cough up $100 and purchase the most amazing jeans he's ever owned? The answer, folks...because poor, tall, athletic Josh wants everyone to feel sorry for his long, desired body.

My solution: go to the Lucky store, try on ANY pair of jeans you want (because they got 'em all) and stop being a cry baby.

I love you honey. Now let's go shopping :)


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