Thursday, March 24, 2016

Younique - Self-tanning lotion & spray

When I think of self-tanning lotion, I immediately think orange, streaky and impossible to apply. Am I right? I've personally used a handful of different self-tanning products, but was never happy with the results.

Until now! I am beyond obsessed with Younique's new self-tanning products! They are easy to apply, smell good (almost a floral scent, not chemical or offensive at all!), will not stain your clothes or sheets, not streaky or blotchy, not orange (I think it gives almost a redish color, which is very similar to a natural tan or sunburn!), and long-lasting (5-7 days!).

I've done 4 applications in the last week with both products and I'm IN LOVE! Watch this video for my application tips and tricks.

Here's my results and a few of my friends.


To shop, you can go to I am running a Spring special this week, please email me for details- kate.sokolewicz at

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