Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Schedule - toddler + 5 month old

Happy Friday, friends!! This week has been a doozy, with Judd going through what I think is a growth spurt (at 5 months? not sure?) and Jacob getting swimmer's ear and subsequently throwing up in the middle of the night. Owe! I am exhausted!

With Judd approaching 5 months (on Sunday! I can't believe it!), I wanted to share our current schedule. Not a lot has changed in the schedule department. Judd still can't stay awake for longer than 1.5-1.75 hours before he gets super fussy. I've found that's his optimal waketime. I'm still breastfeeding 5 times each day, but I have started introducing solids once a day, so that's in there too! And we've also bumped his bedtime up a bit.

5 month old schedule
7am - Judd wake & feed
7:30am - Jacob wakes up
8am - breakfast for Jacob
8:30am - Judd nap
I pump during this time, start laundry, clean, etc. and then play with Jacob.
10-10:15am - Judd wake & feed
11:30am - Judd eats solids
12pm - Judd nap
Jacob and I eat lunch during this time.
1pm - Judd wake & feed // Jacob watches Thomas
1:45pm - Jacob nap
2:30pm - Judd nap
This is my only "free time" during the day, so I try to do stuff I like to do. Catch up on DVR, blog, nap, day drink (haha! just kidding!)
4pm - Judd wake & feed // Jacob usually wakes up right around this time, too
4:30pm - daddy gets home, we play outside or I run a quick errand or go for a run
5:30pm - Judd catnap
6pm - Judd wake // we start dinner
6:30pm - Judd bath (I usually eat super fast and then start bath in the kitchen sink while Josh finishes up with Jacob)
6:45pm - Judd bottle // Jacob starts a Bubble Guppies episode with his smoothie
7:15pm - Judd to bed
7:30pm - Jacob bath
8pm - Jacob to bed
After both boys are asleep, I clean the house and either do a quick workout video or catch up on the DVR. Then pump and shower and we're generally in bed by 9:30!

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